Gear You Need For BJJ

One of the most popular MMA forms is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which is similar to wrestling in a few ways. For example, it focuses a lot on grappling. With that said, below are some of the different types of gear you need for BJJ.

You’ll want to get a GI, which is often called a kimono. It’s crucial to choose a GI uniformSuperman-LSOK-Gi-front-cropped that fits you well and one that is durable. As for size, we suggest going one size up because GI uniforms tend to shrink in the wash. Also, going for a slightly bigger one allows your opponent more chances to grab you, which means you’ll enhance your defensive skills over time.

Rash Guard (Long Sleeve)
A rash guard is worn because it will absorb sweat. A rash guard is either word on its own or under your GI, but usually, you wear a rash guard on its own if you’re doing no-GI grappling. The rash guard you choose should be durable, so be prepared to pay a bit of money for one. There are cheap ones, but the more expensive rash guards tend to be well worth their price. Whether you go for an expensive or cheap rash guard, just make sure it fits well and the material is durable.

MMA Shorts
Get a pair of MMA shorts if you want to get into BJJ. MMA shorts are ideal for grappling. They are lightweight, feature Velcro and they are effective at absorbing sweat. MMA shorts dry very quickly and they usually don’t smell after a training session, regardless of how intense it was.

Mouth Guard
When wrestling and grappling, you’ll want to wear a mouth guard. Accidents involving your mouth are rare with BJJ, but they can and do happen. And when they do happen, it can be painful. The good news is that mouth guard is cheap.

Ear Protectors
BJJ involves a lot of time on the ground and getting slammed to the mat. This is why one of the essential gear to have are ear protectors. If you only do the odd live grappling session, then you probably don’t need a pair of protectors. However, if you do grapple live and you do it often, then make sure you buy a pair. If you grapple often without wearing ear protectors, then you could end up with cauliflower ears.

Knee Pads
Wrestling knee pads can come in handy. They will protect your knees when you’re on the ground grappling or if you’re focusing on stand-up combat. You can forgo knee-pads if your MMA training doesn’t include a lot of take-downs or grappling, but you’ll still want to consider getting them.

You can purchase a GI, rash guard and a pair of fight shorts in sporting goods stores, as well as a number of places on the internet. The other gear discussed can also be purchased online and a number of sporting goods stores. Remember, those are only a few pieces of gear you will need for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.