4 Tips To Buy The Best Grappling Dummy

hi-res-162481440_crop_northFor anyone involved in martial arts or wrestling, a grappling dummy is a way of life. They cannot imagine practice without them. With a dummy, they can practice any move without worrying about injuring themselves or the opponent. You can also train a move repeatedly with them. Moreover, you can also slow down and learn new moves.
One of the favorite types of dummies among BJJ and MMA fighters are the ones that can hold an upright position. They are just about the perfect to practice kicks and punches. These dummies are also usually light in weight, making them easily throwable too. If you want to fine-tune your grappling skills, then the best option would be to go in for models with their knee bent. You can practice moves such as choke and hold better with these types of dummies.
There are different types of dummies available in the market these days. How do you know which one is the right for you? Here are a few tips that will help you in deciding the perfect one for you.
Size matters: First and foremost, make sure that you get a dummy that is as close in height to you. Anything too short or tall can make practicing moves or drills that much more difficult. The case though with the weight is the right opposite. Choose a dummy that weighs less than you. Remember, with dummies you are dealing with dead weight, i.e., a weight which does not move as in the case of a live opponent, but something that is stationary. A 150 lb. dummy would seem a lot heavier than a living person of the same weight for this reason.
Get one filled: it is always preferable to go in for a dummy that is filled. A variety of materials can be used as fillers. Foam is always a good option, especially for beginners and children. So, too are cotton and other types of textiles. Experienced grapplers are also known to use sand, which would make for a rather heavy dummy.
Vinyl or canvas: This again depends on an individual’s choice. Each material will have its own characteristics, such as the stretch, strength, and durability. Canvas is known to take a lot of abuse and last’s long. However, it is also a material that is difficult to clean because it is known to absorb sweat. These days dummies which are a blend of different materials are also available in the market.
Try before you buy: With dummies, you will be making a significant investment. Remember, they may cost you anywhere between $500 to $800. The shipping would be extra. Do you want to spend that kind of money and end up not using the dummy? For this reason, it is best that you try it first. If there is a place where you can get them for hire, then all the better. Another way would be to borrow it from a fellow grappler or a close friend. Try moves with the dummy for about a week and then make a purchase decision.