Why You Should Use BJJ Grappling Dummies

The art of grappling is difficult to master. Even the most talented fighters can take yearsBJJ-Dummy-1 to gain a good level of understanding of the techniques, and even more, time to apply the lessons correctly. Like other sports, it is important to train a great deal of muscle memory and physical adaptations. This means spending thousands of hours inside the gym along with instructors and other students. It is also possible to train at home in private if you have ample space and the right equipment. Having a few BJJ grappling dummies is certainly ideal.

A Training Partner 24/7

Grappling is, by its very nature, a contest between two people. It would be hard to practice without a training partner right there with you. Of course, this partner does not necessarily have to be another people that’s made of skin and bones. Some of the most successful fighters train with dummies made up of leather and fillings. These may not be as fun to be around with but they are available 24/7. They will always be ready when you are. There is no need to set a schedule. There will be no disappointments with last minute cancellations. Dummies are reliable partners.

Train without Inhibitionsdummy_gi-1-300x225

A human partner, no matter how well-trained, can still get hurt. They can get bruised and wounded. They might suffer from an injury if the training session gets out of hand. As such, both parties need to be careful while sparring on the mat. It is necessary to hold back on your strikes and holds for the sake of each other’s longevity. While this leads to preservation, it can feel a bit limiting. Sometimes you want to go all out to test just how far you can go. This makes it easier to justify your effort in an actual match. With dummies, there is no reason to hold back. The worst thing you can do is inflict some damage but you can always get another one in a snap.

Fine-tune Movements

There are some techniques that are very tricky. They can take a while to perform correctly. You will want to get as much practice as you can to become skilled at it. Few partners are willing to spend weeks or even months at a time just doing one specific movement. They might have other priorities on their list. They might also be the most suitable persons for the kind of move that you wish to practice. You might be better off using a dummy that you can grapple with to your heart’s content before or after the actual training sessions at the gym.

A Dummy for Specific Techniques

Remember that there are many different kinds of dummies. Some are able to stand up and support their own weight, making them suitable for striking. Others can only sit down or lay on the ground which should be alright for grappling. There are also types that you can put gi on and this can be incredibly helpful for throws and such. They don’t have the same level of flexibility. Some have arms that you can bend at will with lifelike resistance. Others may prove to be a bit too stiff or too soft for such moves. Read the reviews thoroughly to learn from the experience of current owners.


Nothing compares to having a human partner for BJJ training. However, grappling dummies have their place. You can use them when your regular partner is unavailable or when you wish to hone a very specific skill. You can even buy a few that you can train with at home so that you can be more confident once you return to the gym.